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Chairman's speech

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Have you ever heard a great piece of musicthat leaves you breathless and inawe? This kind of extraordinary musicthat will touch our hearts deeply comes from all the musicians playing each of their part with their instruments in perfectharmony, that's precisely what we strive for at Fuda Biotech. For the past decade, we have seamlessly integrated professionals across different regional, culturaand scientinc boundaries to giye you a bio-solution platform that combines all the upstream to downstream components into bioinnovation synergies. We under-stand the intricacies within each industry and the key success factors of agricul-tural feed, industrial food processing, textile and other industries that makes you competitive. With our bio-engineered protein solutions, we will together open doors of new possibilities in creating value for everyone involved.

We recognizedthat in order for our clients to maximize the value offeed and industrial enzymes, we need to collaborate with animal and human nutritionists, food experts and industrial engineers. We need to foster a synergic relationship based on trust, and openly share information with our clients in orderto understand their needs. Fuda Biotech is dedicated to bringing you our legendary customer services and product technical support programs in additional to our biotechnology research, development and commercialization expertise.

Fuda Biotech will continue to invest in bio-solutions that add value to whatever our clients are passionate about. We are genuinely committed to bringing positive experiences by making our bioinnovation to becoming your next business success factor!


Chairman & CEO: Jianfu Chen