Fuda Biotech

R & D Center

Fuda Biotech integrated over 10 years’ of developmental experiences and techniques from different field experts to successfully establish its original high-efficiency protein engineering and expression platform as our core competency. This platform has guaranteed our achievements in research, application and commercialization of enzyme products and made us ahead of our competitors. The platform includes the following modules: 


Gene discovery

gene screening of commercial values.


Enzymological research

research of naturally-existent proenzyme


Gene transformation and strain construction

genes with ideal characteristics are produced through transformation and expressed in the highly-efficient expression system


Fermentation process

at this stage we search for the conditions that contribute to a low cost and high output


Preparation research

It guarantees the quality and stability of our products


Application development

here we study how to use our enzymes and what is the ideal conditions for application. This is critical to process engineering and in using enzymes to effectively replace traditional methods.

Our R & D Center has 5 research divisions in molecular biology, protein biochemistry, fermentation engineering, preparation techniques and enzyme application. The divisions are led by 6 scholars with the overseas doctoral degree. We employed over 40 professional research staff. Our center is well equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus and our research team is highly professional and with their diverse international experiences that makes one of the best at what we do and what we offer.

R & D Center