Fuda Biotech




December 1999, Fuda Biotech was established in Fujian.

January 2000, company first launched our bio-solution platform for functional protein- engineering and expression



October 2001, company launched project “Research and Manufacturing of Enzymes for Agricultural Feed Industries”.

September 2003, Fuda was first in the world to launch and successfully commercialized phytase product of E. coli source. This Fuda bioinnovation has generated economic profit of $2 Billion/year for the Chinese agricultural feed industry and reduced the emission of phosphorous pollutants of over 600,000 tons/year.

March 2004, launched project “Research, Manufacturing and Application of Enzymes for Industrial Food Processing and Chemical Engineering Preparations”.



In 2006, company was recognized by the Fujian Province as the Provincial Hi-Tech Enterprise.

Company was certified by ISO9001 Quality Control System for its research and development, production and technical support processes.

June 2007, 7 proprietary Fuda products were officially certified by Ministry of Agriculture for marketing and sales in the Chinese market.

September 2007, Fuda’s R&D center was formally granted by the provincial government (Fujian Development and Reform Commission) as the provincial “Engineering Laboratory of Modern Enzyme Technology”.

July 2008, the National Development and Reform Commission of China approved and granted the expansion of our R&D center into the “National Engineering Laboratory for High-Efficiency Enzyme Expression”. It is worth to note that this is the only national engineering laboratory granted by the Chinese government to non-academic private businesses.



In 2011, our project of “3000-tonnes annual production of novel enzyme product” was listed as the National High-tech Industrialization Demo project.

In 2012, company took on project involving “Research, Development and Application of Maritime enzymes”, which was a 2013 maritime public industry scientific research grant receiver of the year, awarded by National Bureau of Oceanography.

Fuda Biotech also undertook the National “NO. 863 Special Project” organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Chinese national government. Our focus was on “key techniques in creation and application of new enzymes used in starch and derived sugar production”.

In 2014, the company won the National Award for Technological Invention 2nd Prize.

In June 2014, company invested $100 million and completed construction of our brand new production facility. The plant is situated Ningde, Fujian Province and has since started production, which gives Fuda top of the country fermentation capacity.