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Gutian County government leaders came to Fuda for a special visit


Fuda Biotech was honored to host visiting guests at our operations facility led by the secretary of Gutian County party committee Mr. Xie Zaichun, Governor Feng-Jing on the morning of November 1, 2014. During the conference, The Director of Fuda’s National Engineering Laboratory for High-Efficiency Enzyme Expression, Dr. Ye Xiuyun, gave special thanks to the government’s continuous support to Fuda’s development, and detailed progress report on the company’s projects. Mr. Xie immediately decided to set up a special team of contacts within the County party committee to assist our company in solving the problems in a timely manner and to promote better development during post-construction. Mr. Xie expressed high hopes to use Fuda’s capital investment project as a demo in enhancing the productivity and development of downstream industries of the Gutian County.