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Our company has successfully passed both ISO9000 and ISO22000 certifications


Recently, our company has passed a one-time certification review by a professional certification agency, obtaining dual system certifications for ISO9000 quality management and ISO22000 food safety management, covering the production of all our feed enzyme preparations, food enzyme preparations, and oligofructose products. This marks a new level of our quality management level.

Quality management is the fundamental way for our company's development and also the fundamental guarantee for providing high-quality products and services to users. Through sufficient preparation and effective system operation in the early stage, the company has adjusted and improved internal management, personnel management, production sites, and system documents, further ensuring the implementation of the quality and food safety management system. The expert audit team of the certification center conducted a strict audit of our company. After reviewing the company's system documents, proofreading production and operation records, conducting on-site inspections, inquiries, and conducting on-site inspections of the production process, it was unanimously agreed that our quality management system and food safety management system are suitable, sufficient, and effective, and comply with the requirements of the ISO9000 quality management system and ISO22000 food safety management system standards.

The company strictly adheres to the concept of ISO management system standards to establish and implement a quality management system, and takes the implementation of this standard as an opportunity to integrate the enterprise into a "customer-centric" management system, comprehensively improving the quality management level, and providing efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly high-quality products and sustainable solutions for users in different industries.